Benefit of the Doubt

I want to talk about a small change that I’ve made recently. This change has been liberating and has helped me stay in control of my mind. This change is called giving the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure we have all heard of this concept in the context of maintaining good relationships with people […]


The Desire to be a Good Person

You don’t have to be THAT good of a person; No one is that good or perfect. Rather, it is more important that you find your inner peace and build a lifestyle based on your needs. It's critical that you don't forget that we are human and have natural tendencies.


Letting Go of Routine

As life gets hectic, people often lose sight of their goals and get caught up in the process. There should be a shift in mindset to focus on the purpose rather than getting tangled in the steps to get there. This is why we need to free ourselves and envision our greatest vision for ourselves.



We are Happy2Thrive

Happy2Thrive is a non-profit organization focused on highlighting stories of Thrivers who have a personal connection with mental illnesses and want to make a difference! We hope to bring better mental health awareness through our initiations.


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