Are You Dependent on Makeup?

Neha Joshi

28 March 2021

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Are You Dependent on Makeup?

I am an amateur makeup artist. I put on glam eyeshadow at times to the point where you will not be able to recognize me. To me makeup is art, like painting a canvas.

I realize that I am in no position to tell anyone about how they should dress, how they should look or take care of themselves. But I would like to ask you one question, would you be comfortable walking out right at this moment without your eyeliner? Without the concealer and makeup covering your face? Are you comfortable being naked in a sense, around people?

I started doing makeup when I went through my acne phase. At first, I was so scared. I had never dealt with acne before, and I had no idea about how to take care of my skin. I started doing makeup on my eyes, I would crop out my skin and post a picture of my one glammed-up eyes. And god forbid if a pimple managed to peek through, I would easily edit it out. That was truly the worst I have ever felt about my skin. Growing up in a brown household, around Indian people, I would constantly be reminded that there was something on my skin whenever I went to meet my family and family friends. My friends/family in India would notice it too, suggest some medicines and tell me to not eat oily food. I felt conscious to the point where I just hoped and wished that my acne would go away before the yearly India trip. I understand that they are coming from a good place. However, in some situations, no amount of advice makes you feel better. It just reminds you of the “flaws” described by society, that need to be “cured”.

A few months into my acne phase, I stopped caring. I went out without concealer, with no worry in the world. I realized that it is only bad if you think it is bad, only when you give people the power to make you feel worse. Ask yourself, do you truly feel bad yourself, or do you feel conscious because society has made you believe that acne is bad? Of course, there is a lot of physical pain that comes with it, I am speaking only in terms of appearance. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have clear skin but ask yourself WHY you want clear skin. Is it because you want to fit the stereotype of beautiful skin that you see all over Instagram in the photoshopped pictures of models? Or because you truly want healthy skin that will not cause you pain anymore.

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