Be "Agile"

Sanjana Chekuri

30 August 2021

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Be agile Sanjana! Just be agile!

This is a phrase that I find myself repeating nearly a dozen times a day. It is short, but it is the perfect phrase to trigger my spontaneity and optimistic mindset at any point.

I don’t use the term “agile” in its traditional sense. “Agile” refers to the new software developer methodology being implemented in the big four banks. Yes, you heard that right, the name of the software developer process became my go-to-metaphorical-phrase!

My father works as a software developer at one of the big four financial companies where his team was instructed to adapt to the newfound agile process. Unlike the original approach where the company solely looked at the end product produced by its employees, the agile methodology required the employees to break the projects into multiple components and regularly produce tangible results. This forced them to consistently keep improving the produced results rather than waiting to create the perfect piece.

My dad spoke of how effective this process has been for the software industry as there was more accountability while working towards a goal, which forced the employees to work efficiently through daunting projects. I never anticipated that this small discussion about workplace changes would help me work on an area of my life that needed improvement.

Oftentimes, I feel overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks because I worry about the end result. I tend to limit myself and delay starting due to the fear that without a perfect plan, I will never achieve exactly what I want. While it’s critical to develop the right approach to attain those goals, sometimes the solution is as simple as just getting started and that’s exactly what the agile methodology teaches software developers.

The methodology preaches that there truly is no such thing as perfection and the true victory lies in the journey of giving our best and consistently improving the results we created. This discussion was truly such an eye-opener for a perfectionist like me who often finds herself frustrated at the thought of starting something new if it doesn’t feel “perfect”.

Implementing an agile approach to my life meant becoming more spontaneous and ready to start any new adventure without worrying about the end results. These small changes have drastically improved the quality of my work towards my goals and certainly made me more agile during conflicted times. While this methodology may look different for everyone, I urge you to try out how this can apply to you!

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