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Available Positions

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Note: Happy2Thrive is a Presidential Volunteer Service Award Certifying Organization. Those who are looking to receive a President’s Volunteer Service Award must meet the eligibility and volunteer hours requirements that are outlined here:

Leadership Positions

Will receive a total of 104 volunteer hours (4 hrs/week)

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is eligible for:

~ Teens (11-15 yo): Gold

~ Young Adults (16-25 yo): Bronze

~ Adults (26+): Bronze

Human Resources Head: Responsible for volunteer/intern coordination and management. This is a 6-month position that requires a strong understanding of the work each volunteer/intern is involved in and being able to overlook the progress. Candidate will be responsible to enforce deadlines and work with the volunteers/interns to assist with any issues they may encounter during the process. 

Secretary: Responsible for office coordination, scheduling meetings, preparing and maintaining office records, reports, and correspondence pertaining to the professional(s)’s and/or management staff’s area of responsibility over the 6-month period. Must be aware of all activity on an organizational level for the community of focus during those 6-months such that they could take on the founder(s) responsibilities in cases they are unavailable. Candidate should possess strong leadership skills, organization skills, collaboration skills, and attention to detail.

Grant Writer: Responsible for identifying and writing grant proposals on behalf of Happy2Thrive for the respective community being worked with. This position requires professional writing skills and ability to collaborate with the researcher and editors to go through a series of drafts.

Volunteer Positions

Will receive a total of 52 volunteer hours (2hr/week) + additional hours for events attended

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is eligible for:

~ Teens (11-15 yo): Bronze

Blog Writer: Responsible for writing or bringing 12 publishable blogs relating to the specific community the organization is focused on over the course of the 6-month position. The blog will be posted on a bi-weekly basis so the writer must send each blog to the editor to be edited no later than one week before the blog’s publishing date. 

Editor: Responsible for editing, formatting, and uploading (can be pre-uploaded) blogs on the bi-weekly basis schedule. Responsible for also sharing the published link and cover image (used from on all Happy2Thrive social media platforms. Responsible for overlooking any documents produced through Happy2Thrive and offering editorial advising.

Event Planner: Will be given the preliminary details, guidelines, and dates for one educational event, one open discussion event, and two fundraiser events. Responsible for finding venues, quotes, etc., and planning the logistics (with the help of the founder(s)).

Public Speaker: Responsible for speaking and potentially leading the stage at the educational event, open discussion event, and the two fundraisers. The dates and details will be provided in advance so the position holder must be available during those dates. Responsible for creating, practicing, and executing own speech at these events.

Marketer: Responsible for creating advertising material for the four events (flyers, videos, reels, etc.) and must strategize ways to have substantial reach of this material. Responsible for using creative techniques to promote content, respective to the community of focus. 

Social Media Director(s): Responsible for creating weekly content based on the guidelines provided by the founder(s) for the duration of 6-month period. The creation of this content requires knowledge on current social media trends that should be applied in the process to maximize reach. Must also post the content on the designated day but can be pre-uploaded.

Campaigner: Responsible for planning, executing, and implementing the campaign. Must have strong communication skills as this position will require the candidate to collaborate with other volunteers/interns in different departments (marketing, social media, event planner, etc.) to execute the campaigns. Candidate must have strong communication and debating skills to help leverage the campaigns.

Legal Writer: Responsible for creating legal documents that will potentially be sent to higher officials and be published. This position requires strong writing skills and knowledge of professional legal writing. While this position primarily requires legal writing skills, candidate should ideally possess communication skills to be able to present the writing and research skills to factually back the writing. 

Researcher: Responsible for constantly researching and collaborating with all the team members to relay the findings of the research that could help improve their work. This position also requires research to relay facts to the founder(s) and help strategize the next set of communities that could be worked on. Candidate should possess strong communication skills, collaboration skills, and attention to detail.