Boundaries for Your Mental Health

Anvitha Bommireddy

10 August 2022

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Boundaries are crucial for your mental health. Everyone needs to set boundaries as they are for one’s own well being.

Interpersonal relationships can be hard to navigate through as most people have different perspectives and opinions. Boundaries help people maintain healthy relationships, have their own identity, and create personal space. In order for a person to set boundaries they need to distinguish what is important and implement them in every aspect of their life. Some examples include physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries as they allow individuals to take responsibility for themselves and not get put into a position where they are mistreated. 

Weak or even no boundaries can increase an individual’s suffering and can make them feel violated, taken advantage of, or emotionally drained. This can lead to a major toll on a person’s mental health. In order to improve a person’s mental health, boundaries, such as choosing the right people to surround oneself with, are beneficial. Another example of a boundary includes familiarizing oneself with their trigger factors and helping others in their interpersonal relationships understand them better. 

The first step towards setting boundaries is identifying what the individual considers to be acceptable and  not. A person may need to reiterate a boundary multiple times in order to establish it in their relationships. In some cases, it is best to take a break or end a relationship if people are not able to respect boundaries even when they have been communicated multiple times. It is important for people to know that setting boundaries is not selfish. It’s essential to maintaining healthy relationships and improving one’s mental health. 

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