End of the Year Reminders

Sanjana Chekuri

10 November 2021

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Whether you’re in school, college, or a part of the workforce, it is likely that a majority of us are currently at the peak of our stress and busyness as we near the end of this year. As we enter the holiday season, take a moment to commend yourself and all those around you for their hard work and success. We may not know about all the silent battles people around us have gone through this year, so a little empathy and compassion could go a long way for them! As we continue to work on our physical and mental well-being, here is a list of a few gestures of kindness we can incorporate in our daily activities to uplift some spirits: 

  1. Smile at or start a conversation with anyone who may look lonely
  2. Give strangers unexpected compliments
  3. Donate some flowers to local nursing homes
  4. Pay for the coffee of the next person in line behind you
  5. Write a thank you note to your mail carrier
  6. Pick up litter on the street and dispose of it
  7. Call your loved ones and remind them how much you value them
  8. Send a hard-working friend an inspiring quote or article 
  9. Offer to take a photo of a couple or group
  10. Keep extra umbrellas to give them to someone who may need it when it’s raining
  11. Put your phones away in the company of others
  12. Buy a plant and nurture it
  13. Write a gratitude note for yourself
  14. Rake the leaves for your neighbor
  15. Leave surprise notes in books at the library

While these are just a few examples of kind gestures, customize them and try incorporating humbling acts of service in your daily activities to help you stay grounded while simultaneously creating a better environment for all! Cheers to all the progress we have made thus far, let’s end this year on a strong note!!