Bullet Journaling Has Changed My Life

Esha Kode

31 October 2020

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I am or once upon a time was a procrastinator. I can’t say that I have fully overcome the practice of procrastinating, but I have gotten far better and the secret to that is bullet journaling

I am the type of person who lets all my worries, thoughts, and tasks take prime real estate in the forefront of my mind. As a result, I procrastinate because I spend so much time thinking and figuring out ways to avoid thinking which leads to Netflix binges, stress eating, and overall, more procrastination. 

Bullet journaling has completely flipped my life around. The only 2020 New Year’s resolution I have followed through with (despite how terrible this year has been) is bullet journaling. 

Around December of last year, I watched Pick Up Limes’s Minimal bullet journal setup » for productivity + mindfulness on Youtube and watched how Sadia explained her bullet journal set up and it changed her life. This piqued my interest because Sadia’s method of bullet journalling did not require any artsy talent. It was so very minimal and that’s exactly what I needed. 

So, for the year of 2020, I invested in a bullet journal and followed the Pick Up Limes format and I have been SO MUCH MORE relaxed ever since I adopted this habit. 

Every time a task comes to mind, I bullet it under the day’s agenda. Every time I catch myself overthinking about something, I jot down my feelings and morph my bullet journal into a diary for an allotted time. Every time I get an idea for Happy2Thrive, I flip to a page and note it down and adapt my journal into a brain dump of ideas

My whole mind- literally my whole mind- is in my bullet journal. 

I carry it with me almost ALL the time because it has become my personal companion, something that calms me and keeps me on track of my life. 

So for any of you procrastinators or overthinkers or disorganized people, try bullet journaling. It doesn’t have to be in the most extravagant way possible. It can just involve a $9 Amazon bullet journal, a pen, and maybe a ruler, and you’re set. 

Comment down below if you already are an avid bullet journaler or if you are going to go ahead and try to be one!

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