New Website Online!

Esha Kode & Sanjana Chekuri

30 May 2020


Hello! Welcome to Happy2Thrive’s very first blog post! We are thrilled to have you all join our journey. We’d be ecstatic if we positively impact even one of you!

Happy2Thrive is a non-profit organization focused on highlighting different stories of the thrivers who have or are suffering from a mental illness. We hope to bring better mental health awareness through our initiations.


Mental illness is more common and affects those around us more than we know. Every 1 in 5 people suffer from a mental illness and the team of Happy2Thrive hopes to end the stigma around mental health throughout the world. 


Here are some of Happy2Thrive's initial focuses:



Embed mental health education into the curriculum of students around the world



Contribute services to specific causes like orphanages, menstrual hygiene, senior centers



Provide a wide range of resources for anyone looking for help



Our team will update our blog every other Sunday and we hope to produce valuable and pertinent content. Blogs will be written by our team, but can also be written by any of you!


We also host events throughout the year and are more than happy to welcome our volunteers to coordinate their own event to spread our mission. 



These are just a few of the goals that we, as a team, hope to achieve to bring change in this world. We hope that we can implement these changes with the support of people like you! We want to execute these small goals initially step-by-step and take this to a global level and really make a difference in our world. Are you ready to join this mission?! Are you ready to become a thriver?!


If so, subscribe to join our journey on the "Become a Thriver" page and get more information. Drop us an email or message us on our website and we will be sure to get back to you! 




Instagram: @happy.2.thrive