Why I Take Cold Showers

Sanjana Chekuri

04 August 2021


If you’re a newbie to taking cold showers, let me reassure you that with the right approach, it isn’t as daunting as it may seem. In theory, I was ready to try it out for months after reading about the enthralling experiences that bloggers had when they tried it. In reality though, moments after droplets of cold water touched my toes, I was ready to jump out of the shower. Never mind the cold water hitting my entire body!

Now don’t dismiss the entire idea of cold showers. After normalizing cold showers in my daily routine, there have been impeccable changes in myself that I wouldn’t want any other way. But, the most important thing I learned along the process is to ease into it according to your own endurance. Many blogs I have read suggested jumping into a cold shower for a certain amount of time and forcing our bodies to become immune to it. While that approach may work for some people, I personally found it ineffective and dreadful to the point where the benefits of cold showers were completely outweighed. After a long banter with cold showers, I found that starting with lukewarm water and ending the last two minutes with ice-cold water was the most effective way for me to unleash the proclaimed benefits.  

I felt the need to attempt cold showers to deal with the typical anxiousness of an undergraduate pre-med student with overcommitted responsibilities and with the loss of control in maintaining the balanced lifestyle I aspired to have. Taking cold showers provided an instant relief by helping me increase my willpower with every attempt. Despite the inconvenience of the temperature of the water, committing to endure it helped me develop a newfound discipline which I was able to apply to other aspects of my life. Additionally, the adrenaline rush felt from the cold shower in the morning aided my body in waking up and setting the energy correct for the disciplined and productive day ahead.

Furthermore, cold showers directly helped me with managing and creating natural solutions to the anxiousness I often felt. When the cold water first hits our body, our nervous system is activated and brought into a fight or flight state. While training the body to control the alarmed state when managing the cold water at hands, the control subsequently carries into how well our nervous system is able to operate the next time we may feel stress or anxiousness. I found myself being able to identify and manage my state of mind to restore harmony and encourage anyone feeling stressed to try it out!

In addition to the emotional wellness that cold showers have contributed to, there are many physical benefits associated with it as well! Cold showers improve our blood circulation and contribute to strengthening our immunity. It helps blood flow in our body so our organs can stay healthy and also help expel toxins to maintain balance in the body. Another plus point is the improved skin and hair care this small fix creates! Last but not least, studies show improved cognition of the mastermind of the body that controls all other parts, so what more could we ask for!

With the emotional and physical benefits outlined from my experience, I can most certainly attest that adapting cold showers into my lifestyle was one of the best decisions I have taken. While this approach may not be for everyone, I encourage you to give it a try and share what your experience is like. Most importantly, remember to be patient and learn about your body through the process because that is the true treasure of it! You may feel immediate results or you may experience it after implementing this as a habit, but whatever is the case, I hope you consider giving it a try and have a great experience to share 🙂


  • Esha Kode says:

    Loved this! I’ll go try some cold showers now too thanks to you LOL. Thank you for sharing queen 🙂

  • Srinivas Kode says:

    Very nice… I do take the cold shower from time to time. However, I didn’t realize all the benefits you had highlighted.

    Interesting… thanks for sharing!!

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