About Us





Esha Kode


Here’s one of our founders, Esha Kode! Esha is a Psychology major, aspiring to become a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon in the future. Esha was also crowned as the first ever Miss Teen India Worldwide 2019-2020 and uses her platform to advocate for bringing more mental health awareness into communities, hence why she helped found Happy2Thrive.

Sanjana Chekuri


Meet our co-founder Sanjana Chekuri! She is currently a Cell Biology & Neuroscience major, hoping to enter the medical field. Sanjana is also a passionate dancer and performer who believes in expressing emotions through this art form. She strongly believes in impacting people positively in every aspect of her life, hence the reason why she helped form Happy2Thrive.


Initially, we focused on a broader idea of mental health and mental illnesses, wanting to impact a larger community. Specifically, we worked on COVID relief, service projects, and awareness programs.

Now, we decided to target smaller and more specific populations on a yearly basis in an effort to provide more tailored and effective mental health awareness campaigns.


Happy2Thrive is a non-profit organization focused on advocating for better mental health awareness in every community (i.e. people of color, women, artists, medicine). We strive to conduct events and programs tailored to each individual community in an effort to connect with a greater number of people.

What’s unique about Happy2Thrive is that we do not limit our efforts to only one community. Our goal is to rotate our focus onto a different community every 4 months. In other words, we will be working closely with 3 communities every single year. As a result of our specific and focused work, we will be one step closer to reaching our mission of ending the mental health stigma.

We will accomplish these goals by..


for community-specific mental health needs via schools, local governments, leaders, and the youth.


communities through interactive activities and programs to spread mental health awareness within their local areas.


for materials and staff needed to support such programs.

We hope to bring better mental health awareness through our initiations.